Torah Dedication & Grand Celebration -
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New Torah Dedication and Celebration

Join us in writing history
at a Grand TORAH Dedication and Historic and Joyous Celebration as a Scribe completes the last letters of a brand new Torah Scroll. Followed by a festive dinner, Live Music and special Torah crafts and Gifts for all the children. 

All are welcome - free of charge.

What is a Torah dedication?

A Torah dedication is a special ceremony where a new Torah scroll is introduced and dedicated to a synagogue or community. The Torah scroll is the most sacred object in Jewish tradition, containing the five books of Moses handwritten on parchment scrolls. During the dedication ceremony, the Torah scroll is carried in a procession, and the community participates in joyous singing and dancing. The Torah scroll is then placed in the ark, where it will be kept and used for generations to come. This ceremony is a significant event for the Jewish community, symbolizing the continuity and preservation of Jewish tradition and values.